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Rising and Changing Coffee Shop Industry

The rapid growth of coffee shop industry in Turkey within a period shorter than 10 years, made “coffee” and “coffee shop” concepts an important part of the daily routine of many generations at the same time. As a result of this, per capita coffee consumption in Turkey increased by 250% and reached 1 kilograms only within the last 3 years. Even though this is an impressive statistic, the fact that per capita coffee consumption in many European countries such as Finland and Germany is 5-10 kilograms indicates that there is still a huge gap in the market.

On the other hand, rapid development brings along rapid change. Y and Z generations, which lead to the creation of a new habit in Turkey within the last 5 years with their heavy coffee consumption, wish to prefer coffee shops which make different promises and which may become “living spaces” with the innovative products and spatial comfort they offer, instead of many and identically located coffee shops. The fully digitalized lives of the individuals of especially the Z and subsequent Alpha generations, and their changed and changing habits as a result of this, their naturality and sustainability concerns, and their propensity to leave data wherever they go prove that a new development is needed in the coffee industry.

With its innovative products and refined product range taking into consideration the expectations of its customer profile, its digital infrastructure that can recognize its customers and offer smart recommendations, and highlighting its living space concept by constructing places where everyone can feel themselves comfortable, BEX Coffee & Chocolate was designed to meet the expectations of this developing and changing coffee sector and customer profile.

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